IVEGLA is building its US staff

23 August 2016

IVEGLA is a US based company, new to the very open and competitive market of military training and security evaluation. We thrive on excellence and our major asset is our expertise in French as a military and security language and our knowledge of the African environment. Being established in Virginia, we aim primarily but not only to partner with major US companies.

We consider now expanding our US office in the coming months and look primarily for three sets of skills :

  • Operations officer

He or she has a strong operational and African experience backed by high level diplomas and qualifications and is very comfortable with autonomy and initiative. He or she has at least professional proficiency in French.

In his or her capacity, he or she will be responsible for planning and conducting the training operations in Africa, in close coordination with our field teams, our bureau de liaison in France and the US prime contractor staff, bringing his or her knowledge of the US administration to the company. Finally, he or she contributes to the content of the program, whenever needed or useful.

  • Administrative and financial officer

He or she has a strong experience in the supply and/or transportation chain in its administrative, logistical and financial dimensions and is familiar with overseas activities, preferably military and possibly in Africa.  In his or her capacity, he or she is responsible for managing the administrative and financial desk of the company, under the control of the Managing director and in close coordination with the accounting office, the operations officer and the field teams. Having some proficiency in French is definitely a valued advantage.

  • Outreach project manager

He or she is familiar with the US federal bidding system and has a large experience in the US military, preferably at joint and interagency levels. In his or her capacity, he or she is responsible for facilitating the expansion of the company on the US market, reaching out to the Department of State and the Department of Defense and also to the companies interested in Africa business and looking for support.