Our programs

IVEGLA is primarily a tool at the service of our clients and our policy is to adjust to their specific requirements.
However, IVEGLA offers the following line of programs :

Awareness and information

The objective is to make the audience familiar with the specifics of Africa, especially Francophone countries, in order to facilitate a  successfull execution of the mission or quick establishment of the company.

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Establishing your business in Africa

In addition to the previous program, IVEGLA is able to support the deployememnt of a military unit or the establishment of a corporate branch (in partnership with Forward Element LLC, experts in strategic planning for business) by providing the country expertise it needs. It ranges from providing escort and facilitation to the full strategic planning (administration, security, market evaluation) before and during the establishment and in coordination with the company staff .

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Police and Military training : the proper skills and behaviors

This is the core business of IVEGLA. Our courses  are  focused on police and military personnel and cover all the aspects of education and training.

The operational and african background of our instructors makes it easier for them to blend in the team of other partners, either official or privatel’exps, or directly in the host nation structure and to provide  support and mentorship whenever needed

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Security sector reform : think global and act local

For such complex tasks as supporting the reform of the security sector, IVEGLA favors smaller teams organized in task forces and combining various experiences, both field and academic, men and women, junior and senior, in order to offer as many options as possible.

Because stakes are high. Because failure cannot be an option, neither for the sponsors who engage their resources and credibility, nor for the populations who suffer. Our offer intends to be modest, diverse, realistic and focused through a partnership between local players and outside partners. IVEGLA provides the linkage and the ability to overcome the blocking that might occur.

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Our pilot projects : bring security at the core of development

IVEGLA has developped a number of pilot projects in support of the African states and is willing to present them to any national or international sponsoring institution.

They are multi-disciplinary and they encompass security in the broadest meaning of the word to better address the challenges of local administration and populations.

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This line of programs is very simply the combination  of the resources we value most :

  • The individual added value of our  Subject Matter Experts, either technically or organizationally.
  • The field experience, cultural awareness and strong pedagogic knowledge of our trainers.
  • The dedication and spirit of our teams to address your challenges and support your ambitions.