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to increase the efficiency of your investments

and the impact of the training

Eric Fournier retired as a colonel after a 30 years career as a French Marine. He gathered a vast operational experience in Africa, in the Middle East and Southern Asia.

He participated in military operations in Africa (Chad, CAR and Côte d’Ivoire) and Asia (Afghanistan, Lebanon and the Gulf war).

As a military advisor, he was embedded as an instructor in Mauritania and Senegal.

As a Defense Attaché in Kabul and Dakar, his daily mission was to manage complex security cooperation programs.

Finally, at the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, based in Washington, he met with many African military and civilian stakeholders and was a lecturer in many countries of the continent.

These multiple experiences helped him design the concept of IVEGLA, in support of international actors as well as African states willing to build their capacities and benefit from a respectfull partnership.

Eric Fournier is Managing Director of IVEGLA  since April 2014.

Eric Fournier
Managing Director

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